What can i do for YOU?

I started working with scientists during my university days solving people's communication problems using illustration. That's still what I'm good at - my world has just expanded since then. Let me help you expand yours. 


Scientific Illustration

  • Are you a researcher with a device, a molecule, or an organism that needs drawn, painted, or otherwise explained visually? I've worked with scientists in diverse flields such as Botany, Conservation, Ecology, Entomology, Forensic Biology, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Paleobotany.
  • Here are some examples of what I have done and can do for you...
    • Extinct Organisms and Ecosystems
    • Organism Morphology
    • Scientific Keys
    • Information Graphics for publishing
    • Posters and Presentations


  • I've worked with scientists to hone their messages to grant-funding panels and for conference presentations by helping them to distill thorny subjects to eye-catching images. I know you have a thousand words to describe your work. That's worth at least one nice picture.

Natural History

  • I'm a teacher as well as an artist. I'm familiar with road-blocks to learning for kids and adults alike. My first internship was at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History working within the Department of Education to come up with ways of making science accessible to the public. I hit on a series of 8 light-weight murals that could be moved to different parts of the museum and used in the long-distance learning program. Effective and didn't cost the department much. Win-win.