Drawing . Planet . Earth.

I began drawing as a child and trace my passion for scientific illustration and the earth's living things back to a childhood spent pouring over any and all books on dinosaurs and a seminal three years living just outside of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, East Africa.

I studied Biology and studio art at Millersville University in Pennsylvania before pursuing studies in Natural History Illustration in the UK under the artist and wildlife illustrator Andrew Beckett. I received a Graduate Certificate in Science Illustration in 2009 in California.

I have worked with  the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Artists for Conservation (of which I'm a signature member), Oceana, University of Maryland, and numerous scientists and private individuals.

Currently I run an illustration studio out of Brisbane, Australia while teaching science and art. My new passion is exploring the east coast of Australia from the Blue and Snowy Mountains in the south to the Daintree Rain Forest and the Great Barrier Reef in the north with my wife and partner in crime, Dani and my new son, Finn.